Akiya for sale in
Seiyo City, Ehime, Shikoku

  • Farmland
japanese-style room(s)japanese-style room(s)
japanese-style room(s)japanese-style room(s)
floor planfloor plan
Building area:
153.9 m²
Land area:
250 m²

Property details

Date built:
January 1958
Current status:
Land classification:
Field / vegetable garden
Wooden construction
Transaction type:
General intermediary


  • Water supply
  • Toilet
  • Bottled propane gas
  • Japanese-style room(s)
  • Japanese-style rooms at least 12.4 m²
  • Garden
  • Septic tank
  • Field / vegetable garden
  • Electricity

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  • Farmland

Agricultural Farmland

This property is listed as having agricultural land attached. Buying, or leasing, agricultural land requires meeting certain requirements and obtaining permission from the Agricultural Committee or equivalent (such as the governor of the prefecture).

About Seiyo City

Seiyo City is known for its agriculture, producing high-quality citrus fruits like mikan. It is close to the historic Uwa Sea and offers access to outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. The city has a rich cultural heritage with traditional crafts and festivals. Nearby attractions include the Seiyo City Uwa Museum and the scenic coastline.